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What SFSA Can Do For You

The Support for Food Security Activities (SFSA) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) saves time and resources.

What are the benefits of using the SFSA IQC?

Prequalified, Tailored Teams

Competition among the three SFSA IQC holders offers a streamlined alternative to full and open competition. The consortia have been selected based on their carefully assembled teams of experienced contractors with diverse skills and experience that can respond to missions’ varied needs in addressing all aspects of food security.

Policy Analysis and Strategic Planning

SFSA directly relates USAID objectives and systems to CAADP. The SFSA team also can help USAID missions refine long- and short-term priorities as well as develop solutions to policy and private-sector challenges.

Rapid, Cost Effective Procurement

The SFSA IQC saves time and resources because it uses a simplified cost structure. Contractual terms and conditions have already been negotiated with the prime IQC holders.

Regional Flexibility for U.S. Funding

Task orders may be written and issued for the implementation of both regional and bilateral mission activities. The IQC will be managed by the regional East Africa Economic Growth office with the office of Food for Peace. As such, missions may use this IQC to undertake market-oriented humanitarian relief activities. Under mission-driven task order, the procurement process is managed by the local Contracting Officer (CO) and the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) within the mission.


Task orders may be sole-sourced to IQC holders by USAID missions in the following circumstances: justified and urgent government need, access to a unique special skillset offered under the contract or to issue a logical follow-on task order.