Egyptian women farmers.

Meet the Partners

ACDI/VOCA draws on 50 years of agricultural value chain and food security experience in Africa to oversee efforts to integrate market-oriented humanitarian assistance with market-driven staple food production and trade promotion interventions. ACDI/VOCA oversees the SFSA team.
Associates for International Resources and Development (AIRD), a small business policy consultancy with extensive experience working in sub-Saharan Africa, will focus on the areas of international trade, regional integration and organizational development.
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) specializes in humanitarian relief, agricultural productivity and agroenterprise development, microfinance, voucher systems and targeted nutrition.
Crown Agents brings unrivaled experience working with African governments in customs reform, revenue modernization and automation; cross-border trade; and logistics support including warehousing, supply management and distribution. Their emphasis will be on international trade, procurement, finance and institutional development.
Danya International, Inc., U.S. Government Contractor of the Year for 2008, provides innovative technology-enabled services to achieve social impact. Danya will build institutional capacity to deliver innovative communications and outreach, monitoring and evaluation, and information technologies for agricultural and nutrition programs.
IFDC, an international center for soil fertility and agricultural development, will leverage 30 years of experience to facilitate technology development in soil fertility and strengthen input-supply systems.
John Mellor Associates, Inc. (JMA) is a small business providing policy support in trade, regulatory issues, food policy, and strategic planning. President John Mellor is a leading authority on agricultural policy and was a founding director of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).
Kimetrica is a small business providing knowledge management solutions to development and humanitarian organizations and projects, including FEWS NET. Kimetrica will focus on information systems, monitoring and evaluation software solutions, baseline and impacts surveys, voucher and cash transfer systems, targeting, and beneficiary feedback and comment systems.
Ohio State University (OSU) has far-reaching experience in the COMESA region and brings expertise in rural finance, agricultural productivity, business development services (BDS), institutional capacity building, public-private partnerships and biotechnology research.