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How to Access SFSA Services

How does the Support for Food Security Activities (SFSA) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) process work?

  1. A USAID mission in an SFSA target country prepares a scope of work (SOW) within the scope of the SFSA IQC and submits it to the USAID SFSA Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) at the East Africa Regional Mission in Nairobi for review and clearance.

  2. The COTR reviews the SOW to ensure that it falls within the SFSA technical areas and sends his response to the mission. After receiving concurrence from the SFSA COTR, the mission CO and COTR determine the procurement timeline and send a request for task order proposal (RFTOP) to the three prime contractors, including ACDI/VOCA.

  3. ACDI/VOCA and the other IQC holders submit task order proposals to be evaluated by the mission’s evaluation committee. After evaluation, the CO awards a task order contract. Performance is monitored by the task order COTR in the relevant local mission as well as the East Africa Regional Mission in Nairobi.

What is an IQC?