Egyptian women farmers.

What is SFSA?

The Support for Food Security Activities (SFSA) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) is part of a newly expanded U.S. effort to reduce hunger and improve nutrition in eastern and southern Africa. This five-year contract provides USAID an efficient, rapid response mechanism to fund bilateral and regional agricultural development and food security programs in countries of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) as well as Tanzania.

The SFSA IQC supports the implementation of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP), efforts of African institutions to increase investments in agriculture, and the U.S. global hunger and food security programs, including the Feed the Future initiative, which seeks to harmonize regional hunger- and poverty-fighting efforts in countries with chronic food insecurity and insufficient production of staple crops to meet local and regional demand. As such, missions may use this IQC to undertake market-oriented activities, including humanitarian relief programs.

SFSA funding supports holistic, integrated approaches to improve:

  • agricultural productivity
  • agricultural finance
  • behavior change and social marketing
  • humanitarian response
  • information and knowledge management
  • market facilitation and value chain development
  • nutrition
  • organizational development
  • regulatory and policy reform
  • short-term technical assistance
  • trade facilitation
  • strategic planning and priority setting

ACDI/VOCA will draw on its more than 50 years of agricultural value chain and food security experience in Africa to oversee efforts to integrate market-oriented humanitarian assistance with agricultural productivity, competitiveness and trade promotion interventions. Our SFSA team represents a consortium of top-experts in the fields of agriculture, food security, information and communications technology, monitoring and evaluation, nutrition, policy analysis, priorities setting and participatory approaches to economic growth and development.